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Traffic Impact Studies

The impact of land development and transportation changes on traffic and environmental conditions is increasingly important to society at large. LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. has the experience, knowledge, and computer programs needed to assess development impacts and to identify appropriate mitigation measures and access plans.

Traffic Impact Studies

As concerns over traffic have increased, the evaluation of traffic impacts has become increasingly complex. LSC has extensive experience in all aspects of traffic impact assessment, including a wide range of analysis techniques ranging from simple trip generation through 3-D micro-simulation to the profession's state of the art in transportation modeling. Our experience for all types of residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational projects in an extensive diversity of study settings provides us with a knowledge base that can be effectively applied to new projects.

Environmental Impact Studies

Transportation impact analyses conducted as part of Environmental Impact Studies (EIS's) and Environmental Impact Reports (EIR's) require a specialized knowledge of the requirements of the National Environ-mental Policy Act or state environmental laws. Building upon our extensive experience in environmental documents, LSC has a strong understanding of EIS/EIR issues, such as definition of standards of significance, identification of significant impacts, and development of appropriate mitigation measures. We can also assist in the scoping, public input, and response to comments phases of environmental documents.

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