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Parking Planning and Design Representative Projects

  Feasibility Studies
  • University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Garage, CO
  • Park Funding Corporation Garage, CO
  • Denver Center for the Performing Arts Garage, CO
  • Denver General Hospital Garage, CO
  • Daniel Crow Interests Garage, Denver, CO
  • Holiday Inn, Academy Park, CO
  • Broadmor Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Rio Grande Parking Facility, Aspen, CO
Operations and Management Studies
  • Central Bank, Denver, CO
  • First National Bank, Fort Collins, CO
  • Denver Center for the Performing Arts Garage, CO
  • Empire Park, Denver, CO
  • Ski Run Marina, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Revenue and Traffic Control Systems

  • Center for the Performing Arts Garage, Denver, CO
  • 600 Grant Street Building, Denver, CO
  • Park Central Building, Denver, CO
  • Ptarmigan Place, Denver, CO
  Master Planning and Functional Design
  • Ptarmigan Place, Denver, CO
  • Stellar Plaza, Denver, CO
  • Hale Parkway Hospital Group, Denver, CO
  • Coors Industries, Golden, CO
  • Paid Parking Plan, Aspen, CO
  • Natrona County Hospital Garage, Casper, WY

Area-Wide Studies

  • Area Parking Management Study, Denver, CO
  • CBD Parking Study, Denver, CO
  • CBD Parking Study, Boulder, CO
  • CBD Parking Study, Rapid City, SD
  • Virginia City Parking Study, NV
  • Tahoe Basin Parking Standards Study, CA/NV
  • South Shore Parking Strategy Study, CA/NV
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